Phat Tommy Recycled Poly Roll Deck

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Product Overview

The Phat Tommy Recycled Poly Roll Deck is the Ultimate way to enhance your outdoor space. Eco Friendly and made to last, our walkways come in 3 sizes and 2 colors to fit most applications. Made with 3/4 " high density polyethylene and marine grade T316 stainless steel cable with aluminum and stainless steel fasteners. Pieces can be laid next to each other or end to end to create a larger walkway or space. Each piece can roll up for easy storage. Good for use on sand, grass, soft and wet soil and snow. For your home, cabin or commercial application. Designed for light vehicle weight and golf carts. Uses include pedestrian walkways, decks and storage areas. Poly material will not absorb water and is fade resistant. it comes with a 10 year warranty.


BUILT TO LAST- 3/4 " high density polyethylene and T316 stainless steel cable

EASY TO USE - folds for easy storage

READY TO INSTALL- Comes fully assembled for commercial or residential use

BIG IMPACT- enhance your outdoor space.


STYLISH- clean up an outdoor area

COLORFUL - comes in 2 color choices and 3 sizes

ADAPTABLE – Can be used in sand, grass, wet or dry soil and snow

LONG LASTING – Made in USA with 10 year residential and 5 year commercial use


(No reviews yet) Write a Review