Adirondack Chair Color Ideas: Choosing the Best Color Scheme For Your Patio

poly adirondack chair color ideas

Phat Tommy's poly outdoor furniture is available in 10 fade-resistant colors. No need for covers, treatment, or storage!


Choosing the right color scheme for your poly adirondack chairs can create balance, flow, and interest. Certain colors portray specific moods, and various color combinations can create different styles. So which adirondack chair colors should you buy? This guide will provide valuable tips and tricks for using adirondack chair colors to create a stylish and interesting outdoor space.

Phat Tommy's poly furniture has 10 fade-resistant color choices. Choose your favorite color, or mix and match shades to express your unique style. Each chair is skillfully made with 100% recycled HDPE plastic with UVI protection, so they maintain their beautiful and bold colors for many years. If you're looking for a 2-tone style, please call our office and we'll work with you to create your custom order!

adirondack chair color idea swatches

Poly furniture is manufactured with recycled poly resin material - meaning the color runs throughout each piece of thick poly lumber

There are many reasons to choose neutral shades for your adirondack chairs. If you have a patio that already has a lot of texture or color, a neutral color will help to create balance.

Certain neutral combinations can also achieve specific styles. Below are a few examples of how to style neutral colors to create a well-designed outdoor space.

white poly resin folding adirondack chair color ideas

White is a classic and timeless color option for front porch furniture

A monochromatic scheme of all white can create a crisp, clean appearance. White is an excellent choice to create a serene spa-like atmosphere around a pool, waterfront, or front porch. Already have a lot of colors in your patio or garden? White will match just about any existing outdoor decor.

black and white poly resin folding adirondack chair color ideas

A black and white scheme creates a modern and chic look. If you are looking to achieve a sense of boldness and sophistication, this striking combination is sure to impress. This would work perfectly for an urban balcony or terrace.

brown and weatherwood adirondack chair color ideas

Our two earth-toned neutrals, weatherwood and brown, pair well together, creating a warm and down-to-earth ambiance. Use the colors to create a calming and toned-down look, perfect for complimenting a bohemian or earthy style. These darker colored adirondack chairs work well as lake house, cabin or rental furniture. 


A bold color scheme is a great way to make a statement and create interest in your backyard, poolside, or patio. Create patterns by mixing vibrant colors or pair neutrals with a bright accent color for a fun focal point.

red and blue poly resin adirondack chair color idea

Blues and reds are great options for pool furniture!

Express your love for all things sailing and the sea with a beautiful nautical and coastal outdoor patio furniture scheme. Our cranberry matched with blue creates a bold yet traditional look, perfect for the beach or summer home.

nautical poly resin adirondack chair color ideas


Do you adore spending your summer days lounging at the beach? You can bring that carefree feeling home with a beach-inspired patio. Blue, teal, and white work great to create the perfect set of coastal outdoor furniture.

red white and blue poly resin adirondack chair color ideas

Show your American pride with a clean yet bold, patriotic color scheme. Our cranberry chair provides the brightest pop of red that works great with our blue and white to replicate the color of the beloved Old Glory.

brown green and tan poly resin adirondack chair color ideas

An outdoorsy color scheme is perfect for those that love to hunt, camp, and hike. Our two neutrals, weatherwood and brown, pair well with our green to create a subdued, nature-inspired scheme.


Our folding adirondack chair is maintenance-free, providing simply effortless style. Just unpack and unfold! Like all of our poly outdoor furniture, the adirondack chairs are resistant to fading, so your patio remains stylish and beautiful throughout the years.

If you're looking for tall patio chairs, check out our selection of tall adirondack chairs in the same 10 colors!