Tall Adirondack Chairs

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    Tall adirondack chairs allow you to see over your patio railings and enjoy unobstructed views. The seat height on these tall patio chairs ranges between counter and bar height. 26" for the modern, scooped back tall adirondack chairs and 28" for the rounded back poly chairs. 

    This poly outdoor furniture is made in the USA of durable, thick, and comfortable poly material. Unlike other imported poly brands, our chairs are maintenance free, last you a lifetime, and designed for all weather!

    4 products
    tall adirondack chair white
    Tall Adirondack Chair
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    teal counter height adirondack chairs poly outdoor furniture
    Counter Height Adirondack Chairs
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    tan poly outdoor furniture chairs
    Tall Adirondack Chairs with Table
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    High Top Adirondack Chairs with Table
    High Top Adirondack Chairs with Table
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    Types of Tall Adirondack Chairs

    Tall Adirondack Chairs and Table
    Tall Adirondack Chair (28" Seat)
    Counter Height Adirondack Chair (26" Seat)

    Use Cases for Tall Adirondack Chairs

    Small Space Patio Furniture

    Outfit your small space apartment, condo, or balcony with tall outdoor chairs!

    Coastal Outdoor Furniture

    Shop tranquil, stylish, and beachy poly furniture perfect for extreme weather

    Outdoor Furniture for Airbnb Rentals

    Allow your guests to see over patio railings with tall adirondack chairs



    Poly is a popular material used for patio furniture. Specifically, poly is a heavy-duty, recycled, and all weather plastic material that is formed into wood-like lumber during the manufacturing process.

    Poly furniture goes by many different names. You'll hear poly furniture referred to as: faux wood, polywood, trex, wood look, poly resin, composite, polyethylene, HDPE, poly plastic, recycled plastic, all weather, & weather resistant patio furniture.  

    Those synonyms are all generally used interchangeably. Technically speaking, however, there are slight differences in the materials listed above - and it all depends on the individual seller.  

    Phat Tommy's proprietary poly outdoor furniture is made from 100% recyclable polyethylene plastic. This heavy-duty plastic is also referred to as High-density Polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE material is equally strong, weatherproof, and comfortable - making it the best all weather patio furniture.  

    Durability: One of the most significant advantages of our Phat Tommy's tall adirondack chairs is the durability. HDPE does not lose its density or strength during the recycling process. This allows us to provide an environmentally-friendly product while also promising durability. These tall patio chairs have a 450 lb. weight capacity (each). At the same time, they're light enough to move around your patio, but also sturdy enough to resist blowing away in the wind.

    Comfortable: these tall adirondack chairs are equally comfortable as they are durable. They are smooth to the look and touch, giving you the appearance of wood but the strength of poly. Each is handcrafted in the USA by local artisans that prioritize contoured seat and chair backs. The contoured seats and chair backs are easy to get in and out. Each chair also features wide arm rests perfect for your favorite drink.  

    All-Weather: The thick poly lumber planks are non-porous, so they can take on any environment without breaking down. The 10 poly resin colors run throughout each poly lumber plank, making each piece of poly furniture UV and fade resistant. Compared to wood or aluminum patio furniture, poly furniture is the most resistant to water and the elements. And unlike metal that gets too hot in the sun, you’ll be able to sit comfortably in your poly furniture without it being too hot to the touch- making our furniture the best all weather patio furniture

    Yes. And without treatment or expensive covers. Phat Tommy's origins started in the Midwest, so weather resistance is a top priority for our poly patio furniture.

    Poly furniture is made of thick, environmentally friendly poly material; making these tall outdoor chairs the best outdoor furniture for snow!

    It depends on your unique setup and obviously if you have a balcony or railing you'll want your tall adirondack chair seat to be at least 26".

    Phat Tommy offers tall outdoor chairs at both 26" and 28" tall (seat height) - perfect to see over your railings with unobstructed views!

    Yes. Both the tall adirondack chair (28" seat) and counter height adirondack chair (26" seat) pair with our outdoor pub table.

    We also offer a popular outdoor pub table set that includes 3 tall adirondack chairs and 1 round bar table.

    For chairs to be considered bar height, the seat should fall between 28-32" from the ground. Counter height chairs have seat heights between 24-27" from the ground.

    Phat Tommy's best-selling tall adirondack chairs are 28" from the ground.