The Best Outdoor Furniture for Snow

Having started the company in Wisconsin, we have a love hate relationship with snow. Winter time brings endless activities and traditions like hockey, warm fires, skiing, snowmobiling, baking sweets, and movie nights in with the family. 

However, winter also has it's drawbacks. It's dark at 4 PM. Starting your vehicle in the morning to warm it up is a daily ritual. Even your dog would prefer it to be a little warmer outside. But arguably the biggest drawback is worrying about the upkeep of your patio furniture and wondering if it'll withstand another grueling winter season. 

Frankly, that's a valid concern. Most outdoor furniture degrades over time in frigid temperatures and heavy snow fall. Traditional wood and metal furniture, for example, either require expensive treatments and covers, or require indoor storage so they don't break down. But even after taking all the precautionary actions, wood and metal furniture will often rust, split, crack or fade over time. 

For those of us that choose to live in snowy climates, we deserve better outdoor furniture options. Thankfully, poly outdoor furniture has the ability to thrive in all weather conditions, including snow!

best outdoor furniture for snow

Phat Tommy's poly outdoor furniture is the best all weather patio furniture. The thick poly lumber resists splitting, cracking, & fading.

Why Poly Furniture is the Best Outdoor Furniture for Cold, Snowy Climates

 1. Durability 

Blizzards and windy conditions brought by cold winter months are no match for Phat Tommy's poly furniture. The heavy duty HDPE poly lumber material maintains its density and overall strength during the recycling and molding process. 

(HDPE stands for High-Density Polyethylene, which is an exceptionally durable plastic that has infinite recyclability. By purchasing long-lasting outdoor furniture made of recycled materials, you can decrease the amount of plastic waste that enters landfills and the ocean each year.)

Our HDPE poly outdoor furniture allows you to enjoy your patio stress free knowing that it will remain beautiful year after year.

  • 10-year warranty on all poly furniture
  • All poly chairs support up to 450 lbs. 
  • Poly furniture is light enough to move around your patio, but strong & sturdy enough to not blow away in the wind
  • Won't splinter, crack, peel, chip, rot, or fade

 2. Weatherproof

Poly furniture is built to withstand all weather conditions from southern heat to Midwest winters. 

Live in a snowy climate like Colorado?  No problem. Phat Tommy's poly lumber is non-porous and waterproof. The resistance to water in addition to our marine-grade stainless steel fasteners is what makes poly outdoor furniture the best outdoor furniture for snow. 

Don't worry about buying expensive covers or taking up valuable storage space. Instead, call up your friends, roast a pot of coffee and and host a bon fire or game of pickup hockey with comfortable seating for your spectators!

best outdoor furniture for colorada

It's always patio season with Phat Tommy's poly outdoor furniture

 3. Low Maintenance

Our all weather patio furniture requires little to no maintenance. If it gets a little dirty, it cleans easily with soap and water. You'll never need to stain, waterproof, or cover this outdoor furniture.

While it's true that quality poly furniture can be more expensive than alternatives such as metals, woods, and cheap plastics, you'll never need to buy outdoor furniture again because you did it right the first time.

The bottom line is you'll absolutely love the longevity of poly furniture and will find that it far outweighs the upfront cost. Plus, you won't have to worry about replacing your patio furniture every other year!


best outdoor furniture for snow

Tall adirondack bar stool chairs make for perfect fire pit chairs!

4. Best Outdoor Furniture for AirBnBs

Do you own a mountain rental with a view? 

With gorgeous views and perfect weather, your guests will probably want to spend most of their visit outside enjoying the views of the mountains. Turn your Airbnb into the ultimate cozy mountain retreat with these comfortable outdoor seating options. 

A few of our favorite poly furniture options for rentals and Airbnbs:

  • Tall Adirondack Chair - with a seat height o 28", it's the perfect tall deck chair. You're guests will love unobstructed views of the slopes!
  • Tall Adirondack Chair Set - The same chair described above both sold as a set of 2 with a removable slide-in center table between the two tall chairs. People love that they can be used together as a set or separately as individual balcony chairs
  • Fire Pit Chair - Every mountain Airbnb needs a fire pit, right? We sell the best fire pit chair on the market. Think of it as a hybrid between the classic adirondack chair. At first glance it looks like a classic adirondack chair, but you'll notice that the chair back sits more upright; perfect for outdoor fires!

 best outdoor furniture for colorado

Poly outdoor furniture is the best outdoor furniture for snowy climates