Deck Furniture Layout Ideas: 5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Space

For anyone who spends a lot of time outside, how you furnish your backyard is just as important as how you decorate your living room. Sometimes it takes a little inspiration to design a space that looks good and meets your specific needs. These deck furniture layout ideas are sure to help you get maximum use out of your outdoor living area.

5 Deck Furniture Layout Ideas To Inspire You

At Phat Tommy, our mission is to help you create irresistible outdoor spaces. Consider these 5 tips as you search for backyard furniture that inspires you to be outside all year-round. 

1. Create Zones That Match Your Lifestyle

Experts often recommend designing an outdoor space with zones—  specific areas that are conducive to different activities. Your lifestyle will decide what zones are necessary for your family, such as spaces for relaxing, eating, playing, or entertaining. You also want to consider the number of people who typically use your outdoor space.

For families with children, we can’t say enough good things about our tall adirondack chairs set of 2. With the removable center table, you won’t have to worry about keeping your drink or snacks out of the line of fire when a herd of littles comes running through. The paired seating is perfect for supervising playdates or catching up with your spouse while the kids burn some energy.

If you use your outdoor space to hold larger gatherings, especially those that include food, make sure you offer spaces to set down plates and drinks. Our outdoor bar table is ideal for formal gatherings. It stands tall at 38" high, so you and guests can enjoy unobstructed views of your deck or balcony. If you try to stay casual, the folding patio side table offers 364 square inches of flat space to store food, and the ability to fold it up makes it perfect for travel or as small space outdoor furniture. 

tall adirondack chairs with table on deck

Shop tall adirondack chairs with table

2. Consider How To Use Your Outdoor Space Year Round

It’s easy to find reasons to get outside during the summer, but how can you maximize your outdoor space so that you’re encouraged to use it even when the weather isn’t as inviting? Consider deck furniture layout ideas that are conducive to cold weather activities. 

One of the most popular outdoor cold weather activities you can enjoy in your backyard is to gather around a firepit. Whether you build an in-ground version or opt for a portable option, you definitely need somewhere cozy to sit wrapped in a blanket. Add a few fire pit chairs to relax around the fire well into the night. 

Our adirondack fire pit chair offers a raised seat, upright contoured fan back, and wide armrests. The upright chair back design allows you to get in and out of the chair with ease and makes seating more accessible for everyone who joins you around the campfire. Comfortable and durable, these chairs are perfect for hosting family and friends year-round!

fire pit chairs deck furniture layout ideas

Shop durable poly fire pit chairs

3. Maximize Seating Options

If you anticipate hosting larger crowds outside, you may need more than a few chairs for your guests. You may want to add alternative options such as:

  • sturdy storage containers
  • benches
  • picnic tables
  • stools

Our all weather outdoor bench is 5 feet long with an 800 pound weight capacity, providing a number of extra seating options for when you need it! When it’s just you and your family at home, you can enjoy the opportunity to stretch out your legs and enjoy a good book. Like all of our poly furniture, this poly bench is made of thick, durable poly lumber material. You can leave it outside without covers or storage and it will resist splitting, cracking, and rotting. 

4. Enjoy The View

Let’s be honest– a gorgeous view often comes at a premium. You’ve invested in a home that allows you to enjoy the local scenery, so don’t ruin your view with unaccommodating outdoor furniture. The last thing you want is to be staring at your deck railing instead of the lake view right beyond it. 

If you need to see over the railing to enjoy an unobstructed view of the water or mountains beyond, consider pieces that sit higher than the standard chair. Our tall adirondack chair has a seat height of 28 inches, and our counter height adirondack chair sits only slightly lower with a seat height of 26 inches. 

If you enjoy an occasional meal or beverage on your patio, these tall chairs pair with our high top outdoor bar table  to create an excellent outdoor bar table and chairs set!

 tall adirondack chairs poly furniture for deck ideas

Tall adirondack chairs make for perfect seating on your deck

5. Choose A Color Scheme

A cohesive outdoor space doesn’t require that every piece of furniture matches, but it should coordinate in an appealing fashion. Choose pieces that are made of materials that go well together, or fill your backyard with furniture made from the same material in coordinating colors. 

When you order poly furniture from Phat Tommy, you have the ability to choose from 10 fade-resistant colors. Purchase a set where all the furniture is the same color, or mix-and-match to create a space where the pieces compliment one another. Going for a coastal outdoor furniture theme? You might furnish your pool area with four outdoor chaise lounges in white and blue.  

Why Phat Tommy Poly Furniture is Perfect for Your Deck 

After taking the time to meticulously plan and design your deck furniture layout, the last thing you want to do is be forced to replace pieces in a year or two because the weather has destroyed them. Unfortunately, almost every region of the US has its own unique weather conditions that can wreak havoc on anything left outside for long. 

Phat Tommy’s all-weather poly furniture is designed to stand the test of time— at least 10 years of time, in fact. Our durable poly lumber can be exposed to sun, rain, humidity, and wind without rotting, cracking, or fading. You’ll never have to worry about finding storage for your outdoor furniture or buying and storing bulky covers for the off season. 

For more ideas and inspiration, check out our complete line of poly outdoor furniture - it’s the perfect place to find inspiration for your new deck furniture layout ideas! Our curated collection of chairs, furniture sets, tables, and more provide everything you need to take your backyard from dull to dreamy.

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