Fire Pit Chair Ideas to Consider Before Your Next S'more

fire pit chair ideas

Bon fires spark positive emotion and memories. And for good reason, bon fires are associated with family, cabins, summer time, and engaging conversation. But before you go out and start looking for wood and building your next fire, you first need to ensure you have the right fire pit chair

At Phat Tommy, we value the outdoors and spending quality time with friends and family. Which is why we dedicate our business to providing heirloom quality poly outdoor furniture that will last you a lifetime. 

Why Phat Tommy's Poly Furniture is the Best Outdoor Furniture for Fire Pits

  • Designed to withstand all weather elements - will not crack, rot or fade
  • No need for expensive covers or storage - you can even leave this furniture outside in the winter
  • Easy to clean - a simple wash cloth does the trick
  • Durable - chairs feature 450 lb. weight capacity
  • Stylish - all chair options are available in the same 10 fade-resistant color
  • Comfortable contoured seat & chair backs
  • Made in the USA!

4 Fire Pit Chair Ideas for your Outdoor Patio

Fire Pit Chair Idea #1: Campfire Chair

As the name suggests, the Campfire Chair is specifically designed to be enjoyed around an open fire. It's built with a slight variation to our classic poly adirondack chair - enjoy the timeless look of an adirondack chair with a convenient raised seat and more upright seat back. The small adjustments of the raised seat and more upright back make it easy to get in and out of the chair. It also helps facilitate conversation as you're facing one another as opposed to staring up towards the sky. 

In addition to the stylish and comfortable design, the campfire chair is equally sturdy and durable. The chair weighs in at 47 lbs. - heavy enough to not blow away in the wind, but also light enough to maneuver around your fire pit when entertaining guests on your patio. 

fire pit chair ideas #1 campfire chair

Poly campfire chairs feature contoured seats and more upright chair back

Fire Pit Chair Idea #2: Folding Adirondack Chair

The classic adirondack chair should also be on your short list of considerations when comparing fire pit chair ideas. 

As is the case for most things in life, it's difficult to beat the original. Take movies for example: Dumb and Dumberer ... Sandlot 2 ... Space Jam 2 ... The Santa Claus 2 ... c'mon. Some things are best left as the original, and that's the case with the timeless poly adirondack chair.

The adirondack chair was our original poly furniture product and it remains one of our best sellers. And for good reason - it's handcrafted by local artisans that prioritize comfortable contoured seats and chair backs while also featuring durable, all weather poly lumber material. Meaning, you no longer have to cover your fire pit chairs or bring them inside during rainy or snowy seasons. 

Phat Tommy's adirondack chairs allow you to enjoy a nice bon fire with your friends and family any time of the year and not have to worry about the longevity of your chairs. 

Lastly, if you're looking for a portable and versatile chair to use around your fire pit, look no further. These chairs are foldable by design - allowing you to transport them around your patio ease. Poly adirondack chairs ship assembled. Simply open, unfold and enjoy!

poly adirondack chairs around fire pit

Enjoy a fire year round with all weather poly adirondack chairs

Fire Pit Chair Idea #3: Poly Rocking Chair

Most associate rocking chairs with a front porch setup, but they also serve as excellent fire pit chairs, as well. 

Everyone's fought the battle of being too close or too far away from the fire. It's tough to find that perfect balance. However, rocking chairs are the solution to that problem. Gently rock back and forth for the perfect balance of warmth from the fire. 

Not only can you escape the heat with a poly rocking chair, but you can also dodge the pesky smoke when it changes your direction. What more could you ask for from a fire pit chair!

Phat Tommy's poly rocking chair has a comfortable 18" seat height - allowing you to get up and out of your chair with ease when you have to run back inside to grab your S'more ingredients.


poly rocking chair fire pit ideas

Circle your fire pit with a few all weather, poly rocking chairs!

Fire Pit Chair Idea #4: Outdoor Swivel Glider Chair

Consider the outdoor swivel glider chair the ultimate marshmallow roaster! The combination of the fluid swivel and gliding motion will help you find the best coals to for your marshmallows. 

It features roomy seating and a contoured seat back. The seat is 22" wide and 20" deep and the seat front is 17" from the ground. The arms are 23 1/2" from the ground.

Like our other poly outdoor furniture, the poly swivel glider is made in the USA using eco-friendly, durable, & sturdy poly resin material and stainless steel fasteners - giving you years of maintenance free use.

fire pit chair ideas - poly swivel chair

Roast the perfect mallow with this comfortable swivel glider adirondack chair

Common Fire Pit Chair Idea FAQs

1. What kind of chairs are good around a fire pit?

It's obvious, but you'll want durable chairs around your fire pit. Clearly your outdoor patio is exposed to all weather elements and you'll want a chair that is weatherproof that you don't have to replace every other year. There's no better option than Phat Tommy's poly chairs!

You'll also likely want chairs that are seated lower to the ground to enable easy access to the fire pit for roasting marshmallows or hot dogs.

2. Are adirondack chairs good for fire pit?

Yes, adirondack chairs are a nice option for most fire pits. In fact, they're many peoples first choice.

Phat Tommy's poly adirondack chairs are stylish, comfortable, and are the perfect height. Many like the look of placing a side poly table in between the adirondack chairs to complete your fire pit patio design.

As discussed above, however, if you're looking for a slightly more upright adirondack chair style, consider our campfire chairs!

3. How many chairs should be around a fire pit?

Fire pit enthusiasts tend to gravitate towards setting up 4 chairs around a fire pit. For most fire pit setups, a general guide is 4-6 chairs, depending on the size of your fire pit.

You also need to consider if you want a patio side table; which will restrict how many chairs can comfortably sit around your campfire.

4. How tall should fire pit seating be?

Fire pit seating should be between 12 - 17 inches from the ground - depending on your personal preference. 

The better question is, how far away should fire pit seating be? Even our extremely durable poly lumber can be damaged if left too close to an open flame. To be safe, we recommend keeping your poly chairs 3 feet back from your fire pit.