Front Porch Chair Ideas That Will Last You a Lifetime

front porch chair ideas

Front Porch Chair Ideas That Will Last You a Lifetime

You gently wake up on a lazy Sunday morning to the smell of freshly ground coffee beans and bacon on the griddle. You step into a pair of comfortable slippers and grab your favorite book from the bedside table. You're familiar with this routine ... next you fill a coffee cup and struggle to find where you last placed your glasses. But you inevitably find them and slowly make it to your happy place, your front porch. Where you'll sit, read, sip your coffee and take in a beautiful Sunday morning!

However, the operative word above is, "sit". You can have all other aspects of your Sunday morning prepared, and hot off the stove, but the most important factor in determining your happiness on this delightful morning is not your coffee (although a close 2nd I'd argue), but rather your front porch chairs

Every homeowner has the same question, "How can I make my front porch more welcoming"? And to us at Phat Tommy, the answer is easy, and it starts with prioritizing your front porch furniture. Nothing is more welcoming than comfortable, eye catching, and durable poly outdoor furniture.

Front Porch Chair Idea #1 - Rocking Chairs

front porch seating ideas rocking chairs

The comfortable 18" rocking chair seat height allows you to easily get up and down when you need to refill your coffee cup

Nothing is more timeless than the classic front porch rocking chair. Sometimes cliches are cliche for a reason. Rocking chairs are a staple for any front porch furniture setup, big or small. The gentle, fluid rocking motion of our poly rocking chairs make this a favorite front porch chair idea. Pair two rocking chairs and a folding side table to create the perfect front porch furniture setup. 

Front Porch Rocking Chair Features

  • Made in the USA using thick, all weather, recycled poly material
  • Our proprietary poly outdoor furniture is waterproof and will resist fading, splitting, or cracking in any outdoor environment
  • No need for expensive covers or storage in the winter months
  • Comfortable contoured seat and chair backs
  • Wide arm rests
  • Heavy duty - each rocking chair is a sturdy 42 lbs. meaning they won't blow away in the wind but also can support up to 450 lbs. 

Front Porch Chair Idea #2 - Adirondack Chairs

front porch seating ideas adirondack chairs

Folding adirondack chairs allow you to easily move them around your front porch to ensure you're always in the best spot to watch your morning sunrise or evening sunset

Arguably our most comfortable poly outdoor furniture option, the folding adirondack chair provides an excellent seating option for your front porch. Combine the fact that these adirondack chairs ship assembled with it's superior craftsmanship and durability, and you have one the best front porch chairs on the market. 

Like all of our poly outdoor furniture options, these adirondack chairs are available in 10 fade-resistant colors. No matter your environment, (rain, shine, coastal, winter, etc.) rest assured that these chairs are maintenance free and are considered the best all weather patio furniture.

Next time you're out on a Sunday drive, notice how many homes feature adirondack chairs and a side table on the front porch. They're comforting, serve as an excellent spot to read a book, and lastly, are aesthetically pleasing. Small enough to work well as small space outdoor furniture but work just as well if you're looking to create an inviting conversation set on a larger patio. 

Front Porch Adirondack Chair Features

  • Ships assembled - simply open, unfold, and enjoy
  • Made in the USA using thick, all weather, recycled poly material
  • Our proprietary poly outdoor furniture is waterproof and will resist fading, splitting, or cracking in any outdoor environment
  • No need for expensive covers or storage in the winter months
  • Comfortable contoured seat and chair backs
  • Available in 10 colors to match any front porch furniture setup

Front Porch Chair Idea #3 - Fire Pit Chairs

front porch chair ideas poly furniture

 Fire pit chairs are a hybrid of our classic adirondack chairs - the seat is raised and the chair back does not lean as far back

The Fire Pit Chair is our newest poly outdoor furniture option, however, it boasts the performance of our top-sellers. Like the photo above shows, the fire pit chair looks similar to classic adirondack chairs, but some argue is more comfortable due to it's more upright nature. This unique design upgrade is the perfect front porch chair because it helps facilitate conversation with your loved ones instead of being forced to gaze upwards towards the sky in a classic reclined chair. 

Now as the name suggests, the fire pit chair is best paired with ... you guessed it, a fire. Our suggestion is to square up 3-4 of these fire pit chairs around a trendy fire pit table on your porch. 

Lastly, for those of you living the remote work from home life, you won't find a better front porch chair to assist you in your day to day work. The durable poly lumber looks like wood but has the added benefit of a nice smooth surface. Couple that with a contoured seat and you'll find yourself burning the midnight oil in these front porch chairs. 

Fire Pit Chair Features & Dimensions

  • Seat Dimensions: 22" W x 20" D x 17" H
  • Durable but light enough to move around your porch  - 47 lbs. 
  • Heavy duty front porch chairs - 450 lb. weight capacity

 front porch chair ideas dark red

 Dark red fire pit chairs and folding patio side table

Front Porch Chair Idea #4 - 2 Chair Dining Table Set

front porch chair ideas

The dining settee is the ultimate front porch chair set for couples who enjoy eating, reading or simply hanging out together on the front porch

Because it's specifically designed for 2 people, it makes for great seating options on smaller front porch setups. Since poly furniture is designed for all weather, you can place this set on your front porch, back patio, or condo balcony.

All of our adirondack chair sets of 2 feature a convenient and removable center side table. Meaning each set can be used together or separately as individual poly chairs. 

If you're looking for multiple seating options, checkout our entire collection of adirondack chairs set of 2.

 2 Chair Dining Table Set Features

  • Removable, slide-in center table
  • Product Dimensions: 81" W x  38" D x 36" H, 92 lbs. (both chairs)
  • 450 lb. chair capacity
  • Fade resistant recycled poly material


Front Porch Chair Idea #5: Coastal Front Porch Ideas

nautical poly resin adirondack chair color ideas

Do you adore spending your summer days lounging at the beach or taking in beautiful oceanside views? You can bring that carefree feeling and vibe home to your front porch with coastal outdoor furniture colors. Blue, teal, and white work great to create the perfect beachy pallet. We also offer a natural and soft weatherwood color in all of our poly outdoor furniture options. 

Coastal Outdoor Furniture Features

  • The hardware included in all of our poly chairs in marine-grade quality - perfect for your windy, coastal beach homes
  • Our poly lumber contains UV prohibitors that make these chairs fade resistant for years to come
  • Waterproof and resist splitting, cracking, and rotting
  • Superior craftsmanship will last you years with little maintenance 

Modern Front Porch Furniture Ideas: Lakewoods Collection

modern front porch furniture ideasEnjoy unobstructed views of your porch or deck with 26" tall modern adirondack chairs

Phat Tommy's Lakewoods Collection showcases modern style poly outdoor furniture with stylish scooped chair back designs. These contemporary poly chairs all feature carefully crafted contoured seats and backs. They're easy to get out of but you're not going to want to they're so comfortable!

Modern Front Porch Furniture Features:

  • Trendy scooped back chair design
  • Comfortable contoured seat and chair backs
  • 10 fade resistant colors to complete your modern & contemporary style
  • Over 20 unique poly products to outfit your modern front porch space

Why you should choose Phat Tommy Poly Outdoor Furniture for your Front Porch Seating

We understand that as a homeowner looking to outfit your front porch, the number of furniture options is overwhelming. So, to help you weigh your options, here's a chart highlighting the Pros & Cons of front porch furniture materials:




Traditional Wood Front Porch Furniture

  • Many color options if painted
  • Accessible to purchase
  • Requires more maintenance
  • Rots and fades in outdoor weather conditions

Teak Front Porch Furniture

  • Weather resistant
  • Insect resistant
  • Durable and difficult to damage
  • High maintenance and requires regular treatment
  • Costly
  • Not as durable as poly
  • Fewer color options

Poly Front Porch Furniture

  • Low maintenance
  • Available in several colors and styles
  • Extremely durable
  • Weather resistant & sturdy
  • Foldable (classic adirondack chair)
  • Can be more expensive

Plastic Front Porch Furniture

  • Very affordable
  • Variety of color options
  • Accessible to purchase
  • Poor durability
  • Quickly fade and crack
  • Blows away in the wind