5 Golf Course Furniture Ideas Your Guests Are Sure to Love

golf course furniture ideas adirondack chairsAll-weather poly outdoor furniture is the best patio furniture for your course. No covers or storage required!

For most people, golfing isn’t a frugal hobby. Between green fees, golf clubs, and all the small purchases that go into golfing, a passion for golf is a pricey one. Considering the investments of both time and money that players make, it’s reasonable for them to expect a high-quality experience on the golf course. 

Creating a luxurious golfing experience goes beyond maintaining the greens. Your guests should enjoy every part of their visit— including the time they’re not actively playing. Providing upscale golf course furniture is another way to ensure your golfers leave the course completely satisfied with their round and eager to return for another game. 

Phat Tommy’s poly outdoor furniture is made in the USA with heirloom quality. Because we believe in the durability and longevity of our furniture, every piece comes with a 10-year warranty. Whether your golf course furniture will be sitting in the blistering sun of the south year-round or covered in the Midwest snow, it won’t crack, rot, or lose its color. 

Golf Course Furniture For Every Part Of The Game

Make every golf game an unforgettable experience thanks to this golf course furniture. With 10 colors to choose from, you can opt for a vivid teal to help each piece stand out or pick traditional white furniture that adds a timeless look to your course. No matter what color you choose, the classic look of our poly outdoor furniture provides elegance that golfers are sure to appreciate.

Somewhere To Sit & Chat at the Tee Box: All Weather Outdoor Bench

No one loves waiting at a hole while the golfers ahead of them finish playing. You can make the experience a little more enjoyable with this 5 ft poly bench. With an 800-pound capacity, this all weather bench is durable and has the capacity to seat multiple golfers at one time. Like all of our poly furniture, this 5 ft bench is made in the US of thick poly lumber material. No need for covers or storage - this bench can be left outside all year long with no splitting, cracking or rotting - unlike metal and wood benches, this bench will give you years of maintenance free use. 

With this seating option, players can take the opportunity to enjoy the view and a quick snack until it’s their turn to tee off. 

golf course furniture bench

This all weather outdoor bench is perfect for tee boxes!

Somewhere To Relax: Poly Rocking Chair

Want to make your golf course or country club a place people never want to leave? Sprinkle a few rocking chairs near the entryway or on your back balcony patio. Studies have shown that spending a little time in a rocking chair can provide benefits such as reduced muscle pain and anxiety. Additionally, you know that golfers love their stogies, so offer a comfortable rocking chair for players to unwind after 18.

Created for both commercial and residential use, our poly rocking chairs are guaranteed to last years with little to no maintenance. A quick wash cloth and soapy water is all that is required to clean our poly furniture. And since all of our outdoor poly furniture is made using recycled plastic that was heading to the landfill or ocean, you can feel good knowing your purchase also benefits the environment and future generations. 

all weather rocking chairs for golf course furniture ideas

The ultimate golf course furniture to unwind after 18 holes

Somewhere To Watch Golfers Finish Up on the 18th Green: Tall Adirondack Chairs

Outdoor patio spectators love nothing more than watching (and at times heckling) golfers as they approach the 18th green. Ensure that your guests have an unobstructed view of your 18th hole with tall adirondack chairs that allow guests to see over your patio railings!

Our tall adirondack chairs sit high with a comfortable seat height of 28". Use this tall adirondack chair as a standalone patio chair or pair 3-4 of these high top balcony chairs with our outdoor pub table to create a bar height patio set.

You'll have a hard time turning tables with these comfortable tall adirondack chairs. Each chair features contoured seat and chair backs. They also are designed with wide arm rests and comfortable foot rests. 

tall adirondack chairs are great golf course furniture ideas

Balcony chairs provide unobstructed views for your patio guests watching golfers finish up their rounds

Somewhere To Eat: Poly Outdoor Dining Set

After 18 holes, most of your golfers are going to be ready for a bite to eat. Whether they’re buying lunch at the clubhouse or simply an Arnold Palmer at the turn, make sure they have a comfortable spot to eat. The 4-piece poly outdoor dining set includes a 3 ft diameter dining table and 3 all weather poly dining chairs — of course, you can always add additional chairs to accommodate larger groups.

Each table has a pre-drilled umbrella hole so you can easily keep guests shaded while they’re eating. 

Stop replacing your golf course patio furniture after a few years of wear and tear. We stand behind our poly outdoor furniture with a long 10-year warranty. Additionally, rest assured, that regardless of the color you choose, our furniture does not fade with sun exposure!

golf course furuniture ideas for outdoor patios

In addition to our 10-classic poly furniture colors, you can also custom order 2-tone outdoor dining sets!

Somewhere To Drink: Tall Adirondack Chairs With Table

Even if your golfers don’t want a meal after a morning on the course, they may decide to enjoy a few drinks with friends before heading home. The tall adirondack chairs and table are the perfect spot for a pair of friends to crack open a cold one and talk through their game. You can keep the chairs connected with a removable center side table, which is perfect for food and drink, or remove the table and provide a little more space between the chairs. 

This balcony adirondack chair settee is also a versatile piece of golf course furniture. Even if you have a smaller outdoor patio, this is adirondack chair set of 2 is perfect for small space outdoor furniture. 

This set is especially ideal for bars that have an attached balcony. Like the single tall adirondack chair mentioned above, the tall adirondack chairs set of 2 have a seat height of 28 inches so anyone sitting in them maintains a view over the balcony and onto the scenery below. 

PS: If your golf course is affiliated with a pool, the height of these balcony chairs make them excellent standalone lifeguard chairs. Two birds, one stone!

tall adirondack chairs golf course furniture ideas
This tall balcony settee is our best-selling item and will soon turn into a guest favorite on your outdoor patio!

If you’re looking for additional furniture options or ready to furnish every part of your clubhouse, check out our poly outdoor furniture. You’ll find all of the poly furniture you need to create the ultimate experience for each one of your golfers.