Pool Patio Furniture Ideas: Three Important Rules to Consider When Arranging Poolside Furniture

teal poly folding adirondack chairs near water

If you plan on doing any entertaining at your pool, one of the most important things to consider is your pool patio furniture. Knowing what furniture to get and how to arrange it can seem a bit overwhelming at first. But, no worries, we are happy to guide you through the process! In this post, we'll discuss three factors to consider when arranging pool furniture: the size of your space, the layout or features of the area, and how you plan to use it.

1. The Size of the Space

The first thing to consider is how much room you have for pool and patio furniture. Lots of furniture in too small a space can make an area look congested and crowded. The number one goal is to ensure the poolside layout has flow, balance, and enough room to get around safely.

The best solution for furnishing a small outdoor space is to utilize multi-purpose pool and patio furniture. Instead of having a specified dining area, lounging area, and sitting area, you can choose pieces that allow you to do it all. For example, the poly dining chair set of 2 and the Lakewoods tall outdoor bistro set suit many purposes. They each have two seats, perfect for snacking, resting, and soaking up the sun without taking all the space on your deck.

While there's a bit more flexibility for bigger poolside spaces, it's still a good idea to ensure lots of room for walking around. One way to do this is by having designated areas with a clear walking path in between.

2. The Layout of The Space

While the size of a space is a key component, the overall layout is just as important. For example, poolside areas can vary depending on whether you have an above or below-ground pool, a deck or patio, or a grassy site rather than a paved one. Each of these varying elements can impact where and how pool and patio furniture should be arranged.

If the deck connects directly to the house, it's best to arrange furniture to allow a clear path from the door to the pool. This often means positioning the furniture to one side while leaving the other more open. We suggest having a poly dining table on one side and additional more casual seating, such as the tall balcony adirondack chairs on the opposite side. Sometimes these tall pool chairs are referred to as lifeguard chairs

For patios with inground pools, it's best to maintain a wide space around the perimeter of the pool. A classic combination for this setup is using Poly Resin Adirondack Chairs with a round or square patio side table in between every other chair. Adding umbrellas, such as the 9 ft. patio market umbrella not only adds a touch of luxury, but a cool space to relax as well.

white tall balcony adirondack chair for pool patios

3. How You Use the Space

When designing the layout for your pool furniture, it’s crucial to consider the different ways you intend to use the space. Beyond, cool dips in the pool, it may also be an outdoor cooking area, a child’s play space, a family gathering spot, and so much more. If you have ample space, and are looking for pool deck furniture ideas, consider the outdoor pub set - great for entertaining guests.

Dining areas need more space for people to easily get in and out of their chairs and serve food. Make sure when you are picking out a dining set that it not only fits within the space but can maintain adequate distance from the pool.

If your kids or grandkids play around the pool you will want a durable place for them to sit and play. You also want to ensure that it’s 100% waterproof and won't mold or mildew when splashed or exposed to wet towels.

The Phat Tommy Difference

No matter how you style your pool patio furniture, the most important element to consider will always be sourcing high-quality and durable furniture. Poly outdoor furniture is an excellent choice as it's much more durable compared to wood and metal. Poly is also fade-resistant and available in vibrant color options for your patio. Our line of poly resin outdoor furniture is waterproof and can easily withstand splashes from the pool, wet towels, and playful kids. You can also leave your poly furniture outside all year long without having to worry about rotting, splitting, or cracking. The poly lumber is resistant to mold and mildew as well as incredibly easy to clean.

Design your picturesque poolside with Phat Tommy pool furniture