Buyer's Guide to Small Space Outdoor Furniture

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 Balcony height apartment / condo furniture ideas

Finding just the right small space outdoor furniture for your balcony or patio is an important, and at times, a difficult buying process. Although we would all love more patio space or a larger deck, there are times where we need to find the best patio furniture for small spaces. 

This decision for outdoor balcony furniture for your apartment or condo is difficult because you're weighing multiple product features at once -  size, material, and style are a few of the important product features factoring into your decision. You're looking for the perfect balance between chairs that are tall enough to see over your railing but also don't take up too much space, while ensuring the furniture material is long-lasting and will overcome any weather environment. Lastly you want your furniture to bring a stylish touch of color and décor to your balcony.

With Phat Tommy's quality poly furniture, there's no need to sacrifice on any of the above product features. So, if you're looking to outfit your small space patio balcony, we have a strong selection of poly furniture sets that you'll love! But before you begin shopping, it's worth considering the pros and cons of different types of balcony patio furniture available on Phat Tommy.

Top 5 Apartment Patio Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces & Balconies

Apartment Patio Furniture Idea #1: Balcony Settee

The balcony settee is our flagship product. This popular poly outdoor furniture set consists of 2 tall balcony chairs with a connecting and removable slide-in side table. Ideal for patios with tall deck or balcony railings. This tall poly chair set features a comfortable and natural 28" seat height; allowing you to enjoy your morning sunrise and evening sunset with an unobstructed view!

Not only can you can see over your balcony railing, but this balcony set is versatile with the removable side table. If you have a unique or small space patio, you can always remove the center table and use each chair as a standalone balcony chair. 

Balcony Settee is an ideal small space patio furniture set for:

  • Seeing over tall balcony railings
  • Couples wanting a table and chair set to enjoy conversation
  • All weather conditions - poly lumber is long-lasting, durable, and fade resistant
  • Working remote - transform your balcony into a cozy work station with this table and chair set
apartment patio furniture ideas for balcony
Tall balcony settee is perfect apartment or balcony furniture for small spaces

Apartment Patio Furniture Idea #2: Tall Balcony Adirondack Chairs

Perhaps you already own a patio table or your patio space is limited. In that case, consider the tall adirondack chair. This is the same tall adirondack chair included in our balcony settee listed in point 1, but sold as an individual high top adirondack chair. 

Whether you're city living in an apartment with a balcony, lakeside at your cabin, or have a view of the ocean from your condo patio, these all-weather balcony chairs will soon become a staple piece of outdoor furniture, regardless of your patio size. 

The tall adirondack chair is ideal patio furniture for: 

  • Seeing over tall balcony railings - these elevated adirondack style chairs fall between counter and bar height with a comfortable 28" seat
  • Those that already own or don't require a table
  • All weather conditions - poly lumber is long-lasting, durable, and fade resistant
  • Corner patio chairs for additional seating when hosting & entertaining
  • Statement individual patio pieces around pools, balconies, and patios
apartment patio furniture for small spaces
Tall balcony chairs are great seating for decks, balconies, or porches

Apartment Patio Furniture Idea #3: Tall Bistro Table and Chair Set (Lakewoods Pub Set)

Another strong consideration for your small patio space is Phat Tommy's outdoor tall bistro set. This timeless patio furniture set features 2 of our tall balcony chairs (listed in #2 above) and 1 round outdoor bar table. Perfect for couples that enjoy sharing a meal together on their patio while also wanting to enjoy the view from the balcony. 

The tall bistro table and chair set is a great option for those looking for apartment patio furniture set ideas. This set is the perfect combination of comfort while also maximizing space. The round pub table is 35.5 inches in diameter and is 38 inches tall. The tall balcony adirondack chairs are 27" W x 26" D x 46" H. 

The tall bistro table and chair set is ideal patio furniture for: 

  • Seeing over deck and balcony railings
  • All weather conditions - poly lumber is long-lasting, durable, and fade resistant. This set will remain beautiful year after year; even in extreme heat & humidity regions of the U.S. 
  • Hosting friends and family on your deck - If you enjoy entertaining friends on your patio, look no further than the tall bistro set. However, if you have a larger patio space and want additional seating, consider the outdoor pub table set (sold as a set of 3 tall balcony chairs and the same round pub table)
  • Small patio spaces and balconies - large enough for couples to enjoy food and drink together but also a convenient size that will fit most apartment and condo balconies
  • Creating a work from home office on your patio
patio furniture for small spaces and balconies
Create an apartment patio furniture set with a tall poly table and chairs

Apartment Patio Furniture Idea #4: Rocking Chair

Outdoor rocking chairs are a classic patio chair option. Although not as tall as our other balcony furniture options, the poly rocking chair is an excellent addition to any patio, big or small. 

All of our poly furniture, including the rocker, is built in the USA with superior craftmanship. Our artisans specifically designed a comfortable chair by constructing a contoured and natural seat and chair back. The chair depth for this rocker is 36 inches deep - but it's always a good idea to allow more room on your small space patio so you fully enjoy the full range of motion. 

Consider adding a second rocker so you and your loved one can both enjoy your patio. Customers also frequently pair the rocker with the round or rectangular folding patio side table.

The poly rocking chair is ideal patio furniture for: 

  • Enjoying a cup coffee, glass of wine, or diving into a book
  • All weather conditions - poly lumber is long-lasting, durable, and fade resistant
  • Unwinding after a day work 
  • Small space patios - Most patio spaces have enough room for this durable rocking chair plus an accent patio side table
patio furniture for small spaces red rocking chair
Durable poly rocking chairs are great for any outdoor patio setting

Apartment Patio Furniture Idea #5: Outdoor Swivel Glider Chair

The all-weather swivel glider chair is a beautiful balance of straight lines and contoured details that combine for a stylish outdoor patio chair. Similar to the rocking chair, customers group two chairs together with an accent patio side table to create a comfortable & stylish outdoor patio. 

The combination of both the swivel and gliding motion make this one of our most comfortable poly chairs. The comfort, easy assembly, and stylish color options make the outdoor swivel glider chair a great addition to your front porch or balcony patio. 

The poly outdoor swivel glider chair is ideal patio furniture for: 

  • Enjoying a cup coffee, glass of wine, or diving into a book
  • All weather conditions - poly lumber is long-lasting, durable, and fade resistant
  • Small space patios - Most patio spaces have enough room for this durable swivel chair plus an accent patio side table
  • Rocking a child a sleep - the fluid swivel and gliding motion with help your little ones fall asleep faster!
white outdoor swivel glider chair for small patio spacesThe outdoor swivel glider chair is a statement patio furniture piece for apartment or condo balconies