Outdoor Entertaining Furniture: All Weather Outdoor Furniture Ideas for Your Patio

outdoor entertaining poly furniture ideas

There is a lot to consider when hosting an outdoor event. Creating a delicious menu, curating an upbeat music playlist, and providing entertainment are only some of the necessary preparations for a successful party. One element that many forget to consider is outdoor entertaining furniture.

This guide brings focus to this often overlooked party feature. We will guide you through the steps to select the perfect outdoor chairs, sets, and accessories for your outdoor event.


While it is tempting to buy the most trendy entertaining furniture available, you should consider practical aspects such as quality and durability first. Regular hosts need furniture that can withstand high amounts of use and last for a long time.

Poly outdoor furniture, such as our outdoor bar table and chair set, is made of heavy-duty, recycled plastics. This non-porous plastic is resistant to splitting, mildew, and rot. This poly furniture is weatherproof - overcoming all climates including cold winters, hot summers, & windy / rainy coastal regions. Host again and again with confidence, knowing your guests will always be comfortable.

outdoor entertaining furniture adirondack chairs
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When preparing your outdoor entertainment area, you must plan for enough seating for your guests. For the utmost comfort, we suggest providing seating for various purposes, such as eating, relaxing, and socializing.

How you choose to do this depends on the type of party. More formal parties usually have a single dining area and a separate area for socializing. Informal BBQs have more flexibility, allowing guests to eat wherever they feel comfortable. For smaller patio areas, consider using tall adirondack chairs - either as standalone seating options or pair them with a round bar table to offer your guests a classic cocktail happy hour feel. 

Outdoor dining sets are great for providing guests with a place to snack, eat, and socialize. For more casual seating, you can try arranging various tables (such as our round poly coffee table) and casual poly adirondack or fire pit chairs in your color of choice.

outdoor furniture for fire pit
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The right accessories can enhance the mood of a gathering and increase the comfort and convenience of your guests. Side tables serve a functional purpose, offering guests a great resting spot for beverages. The folding patio side table is easy to fold, making it convenient for arranging them during parties. They come in 10 colors, so you can easily complement your style or match your party’s theme.

colorful poly resin adirondack chairs around a poly coffee table

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While we started this blog by advising you to consider more than just the style of your outdoor entertaining furniture, it’s not something you should entirely forgo. Furniture should be attractive and stylish, but most of all, welcoming.

Choosing classic and timeless pieces ensures you won't be replacing your furniture year after year to keep up with trends. Heirloom designs, such as the folding poly resin adirondack chair beautifully compliment all patio designs and décor. If you're looking for additional outdoor entertaining ideas, check out our guide to selecting the perfect adirondack chair color for your patio!

The Phat Tommy Difference

Ultimately, when hosting an outdoor gathering a few key factors should be considered. We've looked at each in depth here, and hope that this information will help you to choose the right furniture for your needs. By doing so, you'll be able to throw a better party and make it a fun-filled night for you, your friends, and your family.