The Best Outdoor Furniture For Florida

Sunshine state residents, whether year-round or seasonal, understand the challenges of finding quality coastal outdoor patio furniture. Florida, with its high levels of humidity, strong winds, and gorgeous sunny days, requires pieces that are exceptionally durable. It can feel challenging to find outdoor and patio furniture that meets such conditions while also matching your existing outdoor décor. Poly outdoor furniture gives the benefit of both durability and style. Both strong and elegant, poly resin furniture is without a doubt, the best outdoor furniture for Florida. 

best outdoor furniture for florida

All-Weather Patio Furniture

While Florida is admired for its beautiful weather, there also can be bouts of high winds and rain. Therefore, you should always be sure to purchase outdoor furniture that can withstand various weather conditions. Poly outdoor furniture has a high degree of resistance to all regular environmental factors, including UV radiation and strong winds. When more turbulent weather is expected, products such as our poly adirondack chairs are easy to fold and conveniently secure in a safe location. 

Resistant to Rot & Fading 

The average humidity level in Florida is around 74%! Such high-levels can lead to mildew in porous wooden furniture, and the rusting of metal furniture. Poly resin furniture is non-porous, making it resistant to mold, rot.

Poly resin furniture is the best choice for Florida residents because it's made with special UV protection to prevent the color from fading. This makes it ideal for people who want to enjoy their outdoor furniture without worrying about whether their investment will fade over time.

best outdoor furniture for florida adirondack chairs

Stylish Color Options 

We know you Floridians take your outdoor spaces seriously. Our line of poly furniture comes in 10 stylish colors, making it easy to match your existing exterior décor. 

Make a bold statement with bright colored poolside furniture. We also offer more traditional nautical and coastal outdoor patio furniture colors such as white, teal, blue, and weatherwood. 

For more color inspiration, check out this helpful guide to adirondack chair colors!


If you're looking to furnish your patio, deck, or pool deck then poly lumber is a great option because it doesn't require much maintenance. You don't have to worry about furniture covers, storage, or applying wax like you do with teak or other woods. An occasional dusting is all that is required to keep it pristine!