The Chaise Lounge Chair Shopping Guide: 5 Factors to Consider

Furnishing an outdoor space like your pool or deck can be time consuming and more strenuous than you originally anticipated. With thousands of outdoor furniture options available, finding the just right fit requires you to give a lot of thought to exactly what you’re looking for.

Phat Tommy’s Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair was designed to check all of the boxes of the perfect outdoor lounge chair. It’s designed with superior craftsmanship and quality throughout the entire manufacturing process. Let’s look at aspects you should consider when you’re shopping for poly outdoor furniture and then discuss why Phat Tommy’s lounge chairs are the ideal solution you’ve been looking for. 

5 Things To Consider When Buying An Outdoor Chaise Lounge

Before you begin your search for the perfect outdoor lounge chair, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Decide early on how each of these elements fit into your decision-making and you’ll cut down on a lot of unnecessary debate.

1. Space

Outdoor chaise lounge chairs require more space than regular chairs. When you’re choosing an outdoor lounge chair you need to consider how much room you have available. Some areas can comfortably accommodate several of these oversized chairs, while others may need to opt for compact outdoor folding lounge chairs. 

2. Comfort

A lounge chair does you no good if you can’t truly relax in it! When you’re evaluating the comfort level of a chaise lounge, the most important factor to test is the angle of the backrest. Choose a chair that has an adjustable backrest so you can relax in multiple positions. 

3. Style

The best outdoor chaise lounge chairs fit cohesively with the look of your outdoor space and your home. Three factors that impact the style of a piece are the color, design, and materials. We love poly because it looks like wood but has the durability of high-quality composite plastic. The faux lumber looks great in any setting and contributes to a high-end look for your poolside furniture.

4. Material

Outdoor furniture can be made from a variety of materials and each one comes with a unique set of pros and cons. 

Well-made metal furniture can endure the elements well, but poorly made versions will rust in wet or humid conditions. Metal furniture is also prone to overheating during extremely warm weather, and you will likely need to buy cushions to lay on. (Hello added investment and maintenance!)

Wood furniture is classic but requires a great deal of maintenance if it’s going to last. Prepare to reseal and re-stain anything made of wood at least once a year. Both metal and wood outdoor furniture may require covers or to be put in storage during the off-season if you want to use it for several summers. 

Outdoor poly furniture is made of polyethylene plastic. Polyethylene plastic is also referred to as High-density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is a strong, durable and recycled plastic. At Phat Tommy, we take this recycled plastic and create thick poly lumber to construct our patio furniture. Our poly resists fading, cracking, and splitting, so it can remain outside year-round with almost no maintenance required. 

5. Price

Chaise lounges are going to vary in price, so your best course of action is to choose a high-quality chaise that provides the comfort and style you want but falls within your budget. It may be tempting to buy the most affordable chairs you can find, but keep in mind that they’ll likely need to be replaced within a year or two. It’s similar to the cost-per-wear ratio of clothes: you’re typically better off investing in quality pieces that will last you for years to come.

Why Choose Phat Tommy Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs?

Our heavy-duty outdoor lounge chairs are designed for the ultimate outdoor experience, and here’s why. 

outdoor chaise lounge chairs for poolPhat Tommy chaise lounge chairs are available in 10 fade-resistant colors

Heirloom quality.

The chaise lounger is made with environmentally responsible recycled poly material and stainless steel fasteners. It stays beautiful year after year with no rotting, splitting or cracking. Cold, snowy winters and hot, direct sunlight are no threat to these heavy duty outdoor lounge chairs.

In fact, we believe in our furniture so much that every piece comes with a 10 year guarantee. 

Their production is great for the environment. 

Anti-consumerists can have you believing that buying anything brand new isn’t supporting the environment, but that’s far from true when it comes to our poly furniture! Each piece is made of 100% recyclable polyethylene plastic. 

When plastic containers– like milk jugs and water bottles– are recycled, they’re then sent to our manufacturers, who shred them into small pieces. The shredded pieces are cleaned and sanitized before being melted down. We add color as well as UVI to prevent fading, then pour the liquid into molds that produce poly lumber-like planks. This eco-friendly production process reduces the amount of waste that enters our oceans and landfills each year.

They’re designed for ultimate comfort.

Our chaise lounger features a roomy bed  77" long and 20" wide for maximum comfort. The height is 12" when flat and is 39" at its highest position. There are 5 different settings for various sitting positions. You can comfortably sit up to enjoy your favorite book while relaxing poolside or lay the poly chaise lounge flat for a quick nap in the sun.

They look great anywhere. 

The poly chaise lounge is created for both commercial and residential use and comes in 10 irresistible colors including cranberry, teal, and a gorgeous emerald green. They’re most often used by the pool, but customers have also placed them on their deck, balcony, lawn, or patio for a relaxing coastal outdoor furniture look!

You can create a cohesive space. 

You’re probably going to need more than a handful of outdoor chaise lounges to complete your outdoor entertaining area. Phat Tommy has a wide line of products that you can choose from. Our tall adirondack chair is perfect as a lifeguard station for the pool. If you plan to eat outside quite often, our outdoor dining set provides comfortable seating for three with the ability to add more seating as you need. And to complete your outdoor lounge area, sandwich a poly coffee table between two chaises so you have a spot to rest your drink and book while you head to the pool for a quick dip. With so many poly furniture options available, it’s never been easier to create the outdoor space of your dreams. 

Maintenance needs are almost nonexistent.

Unlike most traditional outdoor furniture, our outdoor lounge chairs require almost no maintenance to remain in pristine condition.

We recommend regularly rinsing your poly furniture to keep it bright and spotless. What does that entail? Filling a bucket with water and dish soap, then using that mixture to wipe down your furniture before rinsing each piece off. No sanding, sealing, staining, or treating required. 

A well made chaise lounge is an investment that can provide years of comfort and relaxation. Let us help you create the outdoor oasis of your dreams.