Outdoor Pub Table Set: One Furniture Set That Meets All Your Patio Needs

Meals taste better in the fresh air. Game nights are more fun on the back porch. Friends stay longer when you get to sit outside and chat.

But to fully enjoy your outdoor space, you need the right environment. That’s where Phat Tommy’s outdoor pub table set comes in. This all-weather set includes a round outdoor bar table and 3 tall adirondack chairs, with the ability to add extra chairs as needed. 

outdoor pub table set poly furniture poolside

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4 Features To Love About Our Outdoor Pub Table Set

1. The outdoor bar table and chairs ensure you can enjoy your gorgeous view

Let’s throw some numbers your way. The average chair has a seat that’s 18-20 inches high, and most states require deck railing to be at least 36 inches tall. You don’t have to be a math whiz to realize that assortment of numbers all adds up to one blocked view.

Fortunately, taller chairs are an easy way to mitigate this issue. Our balcony tall adirondack chair has a seat height of 28 inches– tall enough to look over your deck or balcony and enjoy what’s beyond it without straining yourself. We especially love this set for beachside condos, lake house decks, or any coastal outdoor furniture setting.

You should never have to sacrifice your view for comfortable outdoor furniture. With the outdoor pub table set, you can have both. 

teal outdoor bar table and chairs set on beach

The outdoor bar table and chairs set comfortable sits between 2 and 4 tall adirondack chairs (set is sold with 3 but each item can be purchased separately)

2. Phat Tommy’s outdoor pub table set supports sustainability

Like all of our poly outdoor furniture, the outdoor pub table and chairs are sustainably made. The set is created from 100% recyclable polyethylene plastic (HDPE). When containers like water bottles and milk jugs are recycled, some are sorted and sent to our manufacturers. Then, the plastic is shredded into small pieces, cleaned and sanitized, and melted into a thick liquid. The liquid is colored before being poured into molds to create planks of poly lumber. From there, all that needs to be done is assemble the pieces into your new outdoor furniture!

Sustainability doesn’t stop at the poly lumber’s creation, though. All of our pieces are backed by 10-year protection. That means you won’t be heading to your local home improvement store a year from now to replace the outdoor furniture that you just purchased. Our heirloom-quality poly furniture is made to last the test of time and reduce consumption.

3. Poly outdoor bar sets are ideal for any weather conditions

Just about every part of the US experiences some sort of extreme weather conditions. Winters up north are harsh, characterized by extreme wind chills and seemingly endless snowfall. In the south you have to contend with unbearable humidity for several months out of the year. Go out west, and you’ll experience summers filled with days where the temperature soars over 100℉. 

Thankfully, wind, rain, heat, and humidity can’t compete with the durable construction of our outdoor bar table and chairs. (Though tornadoes might be a formidable opponent!) The poly lumber is made with UVI to protect the color from fading, and we guarantee that pieces won’t crack or rot either. 

The extreme durability of the pub table and chairs means that they’re built to stay outside all year-round and still look goodThere’s no need to drag your cushions in everytime it rains. And you never have to haul your furniture to storage during the off-season.

tall all weather adirondack chairs in snow

Snow is no match for our tall adirondack chairs!

You can save your money– and sanity– since you don’t have to purchase bulky covers to cover your furniture anytime it’s not in use. 

Once you get your outdoor bar table and chairs set up, they’re good to stay right where you put them year-round. This makes life easier, and gives you the opportunity to enjoy your deck on those fluke days where the weather is absolutely gorgeous during an otherwise miserable season. 

4. There are almost no maintenance requirements to help your furniture look amazing

Let’s be honest— outdoor furniture can be high maintenance. Wood products need to be sealed and stained. Cushions require a special cleaner to remove stains. Even metal furniture needs to be sanded and repainted every now and then.

That’s not the case with our poly resin furniture, however. Most of the time you can clean your poly furniture in 5 minutes without breaking a sweat— just give it a quick once-over with a rag and some soapy water. If grime has built up on your outdoor pub table set over time, you can use a little more elbow grease or have some fun with a pressure washer (be sure to stand back at least 3 feet is using a pressure washer to avoid damaging the poly). You’ll never need to refinish, paint, or stain any of the furniture. 

outdoor bar set deck furniture idea

Give us a call if you're looking for a slightly larger pub table (The pub set above is 60" round and available as a custom order)

Outdoor Bar Table and Chairs Features

5 more reasons we think our outdoor pub table and chair set is pretty irresistible.

  1. 10 fade-resistant colors: choose from neutrals like white or weatherwood, or add a pop of color with teal or cranberry red.
  2. Heavy-Duty: 450 pound weight capacity, wide arm rests, and comfortable foot rest on each tall adirondack chai
  3. Sturdy construction: table weights 50 pounds and each chair weighs 63 pounds; won't blow away in the wind!
  4. Pre-drilled hole for umbrella on table
  5. Made in the USA: all of our poly furniture comes with a 10-year warranty
If you need a slightly smaller pub dining set, check out our tall bistro table and chair set from the Lakewoods collection. A gorgeous scooped back design gives the chairs a more modern look. It’s the perfect small space outdoor furniture for a tiny balcony or deck.