Buyer's Guide to Bar Height Adirondack Chairs

white tall adirondack chairs

Tall adirondack chairs allow you to enjoy your gorgeous patio views

Bar Height Adirondack Chairs Are The Best Tall Patio Chair for Any Setting

The classic adirondack chair is widely considered the original patio chair. It was invented in the early 1900's and continues to grow in popularity even to this day. The popularity is justified. Adirondack chairs are comfortable, stylish, and timeless; especially poly adirondack chairs built with all-weather poly lumber. But one of the drawbacks of adirondack chairs is how low to the ground they sit. 

And that's exactly where Phat Tommy's bar height adirondack chair can help!

Our bar height tall adirondack chair is our best-selling piece of poly outdoor furniture. It has all the benefits of our classic poly adirondack chair, but with the added bonus of sitting taller with a 28" seat height compared to 12" for a classic adirondack chair.

So, if you're in the market for patio furniture and you relate to any or all of the below statements, than Phat Tommy's bar height adirondack chair is just right for you:

  • Perhaps you're looking for tall outdoor chairs to avoid an obstructed view from your deck or balcony
  • Maybe you're a taller individual that requires more leg room and overall strength and sturdiness
  • If you live in warm states like Florida, Arizona, Texas, or California, the need for all weather patio chairs is likely at the top of your priority list. The same is likely true if you live in an area with cold winters and large amounts of snow fall
  • You're in the market for fun, fade-resistant colors to add some personality to your outdoor oasis
  • You have limited patio space, and want to make the most of your small space patio without sacrificing on quality

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Bar Height Adirondack Chairs

    1. Tall Adirondack Chairs Provide an Unobstructed Views

    Whether you're city living in an apartment with a small balcony, in the suburbs on your deck, or have a view of the ocean from your beach house, these durable, all-weather adirondack chairs will soon become a staple piece of poly outdoor furniture.

    Phat Tommy’s bar height adirondack chairs have many great benefits, but none better than the fact that they sit tall so you can see over your patio railings. With a 28 inch seat height, you no longer have railings obstructing your gorgeous views. 

    If you enjoy an occasional meal or beverage on your patio, these tall chairs pair with our outdoor bar table to create an outdoor pub table set.

    tall adirondack chairs for balcony railings

    Kick back with your favorite beverage and enjoy your balcony views with adirondack bar stools


    tall adirondack chair on deck with dog
    You and Your Giant GoldenDoodle will never miss a sunset again! 

    2. Bar Height Adirondack Chairs are Heavy Duty & Sturdy - Perfect for Tall & Larger Individuals

    The perfect tall patio chair for tall individuals that need more leg room!

    Our tall adirondack chairs are made with high density recycled polyethylene plastic (poly resin or HDPE). This poly resin is then molded into strong lumber; which makes poly outdoor furniture superior to other outdoor furniture materials due to its non-porous, sturdy, and fade resistant nature.

    These chairs weigh in at a sturdy 63 lbs. Light enough to move around your patio, but heavy enough to support 450 lb. weight capacity. The sturdy poly lumber also won't blow away in the wind; even when unoccupied.

    Unlike cheaper poly furniture brands, our poly furniture is equally comfortable as it is sturdy. 

    You'll love:

    • Wide Arm Rests
    • Contoured Seats & Chair Backs
    • Convenient Foot Rest
    • Smooth Poly Lumber Finish

    tall adirondack chairs are sturdy and comfortable

    Sturdy, durable, & comfortable adirondack tall chairs

    3. Phat Tommy's Tall Adirondack Chairs are the Best All Weather Patio Furniture

    Coastal beach and pool lovers also find good use for these durable, all weather chairs. In fact, you'll often hear this style of chair referred to as lifeguard chairs. All Phat Tommy poly furniture is built to withstand the harshest weather. Live in a hot, humid, and rainy climate? Not a problem! Our poly outdoor furniture is waterproof, fade resistant, and won't rot away in direct sunlight. 

    Phat Tommy's proprietary poly lumber is made in the USA with UV inhibitors - meaning our poly colors run throughout the lumber and resists fading, even in extreme climates such as Florida, Arizona, and Texas. 

    Because of this extreme durability and resistant to rot, our poly furniture makes for excellent poolside furniture. Splash around stress-free knowing your furniture can resist getting wet with salt water or chlorine. Don't forget about your dock or boat house - add a touch of color to your shoreline with bright poly lumber material. 

    Why You'll Love the Durability of these Bar Height Adirondack Chairs:

    1. Fade Resistant - Our 10 colors are fade resistant 
    2. Waterproof - poly outdoor furniture makes for great pool furniture
    3. Marine-Grade Stainless Steel Fasteners
    4. No Covers, Storage, or Treatment Needed
    5. Easy to Clean - water, soap, and cloth does the trick


    teal tall adirondack chairs on beach

    No covers, treatment, or storage necessary with Phat Tommy's poly outdoor furniture

     4. Tall Adirondack Chairs are Available in 10 Fade Resistant Colors

    You have your pick of 10 vibrant and fade-resistant colors (pictured below). If you're looking for more inspiration and ideas, read our adirondack chair color idea buyers guide!

    tall adirondack chair color ideas

    Phat Tommy's poly lumber material contains UV Inhibitors allowing our poly furniture to resist fading and remain beautiful year after year

     5. Bar Height Adirondack Chairs Make Great Outdoor Seating for Small Space Apartment or Condo Balconies

    Tall adirondack chairs are perfect small space outdoor furniture seating for apartments, condos, and other small space patio areas. 

    They make for excellent seating to enjoy a morning coffee or evening glass of wine with a loved one. Each poly chair also is designed with comfortable contoured seats and chair backs - allowing you to build your own work-from-home patio office on your balcony!

    teal tall adirondack chairs on apartment balcony

    The perfect balcony chair set for small space patios

    Bar Height Adirondack Chair FAQ

    1. Why are Phat Tommy tall adirondack balcony chairs so popular?

    Tall adirondack chairs go hand in hand with a relaxing, laid-back lifestyle. These high top patio chairs are popular because they're the centerpiece of special moments - bon fires in the backyard, family dinners on the deck, or enjoying a sunset with a loved one. Phat Tommy's poly outdoor furniture helps foster an environment that will create memories that last a lifetime.

    2. Can you leave adirondack chairs outside in winter?

    Traditional wood balcony chairs should not be left outside in the winter, however, Phat Tommy's origins started in the Wisconsin, so weather resistance is a top priority Our all weather poly resin lumber is made of thick, recycled, & all weather poly material built to withstand hot summers & cold winters. Making poly outdoor furniture the best all weather patio furniture. Leave these chairs outside all year long with no covers or treatment required. 

    These chairs also contain UV inhibitors making them fade resistant, even in hot direct sunlight. The combination of this fade resistant poly, bright color options, and weather resistance makes these chairs excellent outdoor furniture for Florida.

    3. Do these tall adirondack chairs pair with a table?

    Phat Tommy's adirondack tall chairs pair perfectly with our outdoor bar height pub table - Creating a durable and stylish outdoor bar table and chair set; which includes 3 chairs and 1 pub table.

    The seat height is 28", falling right between counter height and bar height patio chairs. They're designed so you can see over your deck or balcony railings.

    4. What are the most popular tall adirondack chair colors?

    White and teal are two popular color options for poly adirondack chairs. But it all depends on your own personal style. Some favor more neutral colors like brown and weatherwood. Check out our guide to choosing the best adirondack color schemes article for more ideas!

    5. What is better wood or plastic balcony adirondack chairs?

    Both wood and poly adirondack chairs have their advantages, however, poly adirondack chairs have a few unique advantages that make them the most popular choice. Mainly, the combination of a strong, durable material that requires minimal upkeeping evening in harsh weather conditions while also maximizing comfort.

    Phat Tommy's products are built in the U.S.A. and we believe in offering high-end products for a fair price — making it our priority to keep low margins passing on the savings to the customer. No need to filter between claims of “good,” “better,” and “best” as our products are always premium.

    6. What is the difference between bar height and counter height chairs?

    For chairs to be considered bar height, the seat height must be between 28-32" from the ground. Counter height chairs have seat heights between 24-27" from the ground.

    Phat Tommy's tall adirondack chairs are 28" from the ground and are made to pair with our pub table - comfortably seating 3 to 4 chairs around the round poly pub table. Because our are chairs are 28" from the ground, our tall balcony chairs are bar height, but could also be considered counter height depending on the height of your table or counter.