Product Spotlight: Phat Tommy Tall Adirondack Chairs

Are your deck or balcony railings obscuring your beautiful view? With Phat Tommy's Tall Balcony Adirondack Chair, you (or your dog), will never miss a sunset again.

white poly tall adirondack chair with dog sitting


Phat Tommy’s tall adirondack chairs, sometimes called balcony chairs, lifeguard chairs, or high adirondack chairs, sit tall with a 28-inch seat height. Technically, with a 28 inch seat height, these poly outdoor chairs fall between the true definition of counter and bar height. These high adirondack chairs are popular in pool and beach settings and are also well-suited for areas with high railings (such as balconies, boat docks, or decks). They have a classic and sleek appearance and work well with any backyard décor style. Our balcony chairs pair with our outdoor round bar table to create an excellent outdoor pub table set!. They're also sold as a set of 2 in our best-selling balcony settee with removable side table.

You have your pick of 10 vibrant and fade-resistant colors (pictured below). If you're looking for more inspiration and ideas, read our adirondack chair color idea buyers guide!

colorful adirondack balcony chairs

For a more stylized and unique appearance, we also offer the Lakewoods Balcony Chair. It comes in the same ten shades as the original but features a beautifully-curved top for a more modern patio chair (pictured below). With a 26-inch seat height, this piece is bound to make a statement for your deck or balcony.

colorful adirondack balcony chairs lakewoods collection


Both the classic poly balcony adirondack chair and Lakewoods Collection balcony chair are made with highly durable recycled polyethylene plastic (poly resin). Poly resin makes superior outdoor furniture due to its non-porous nature. It’s impervious to mold, mild, splitting, and rot- making it completely maintenance-free. Strong enough for all-weather, these balcony chairs are perfect for any home - no matter the climate.


The Phat Tommy recycled poly resin balcony chair is hand-crafted in the USA by highly skilled artisans. Its timeless appearance, inspired by the classic poly adirondack chair, is sure to become a well-loved piece in your poly outdoor furniture setup.